What are the benefits to us for the onion?

  • We treat cough with liquid.
  • The periwinkled onion grass is always small smooth and easy to eyebrow, place the midsole of the onion for the child on the ears and cut the scarf overnight; the onion juice will still get into the bloodstream and heal the cough.
  • Slicing onions in slices – dip them into the apple vinegar in a few minutes, add the onion scones to the apple pie on the shoulder pad, wrap the food film and set the temperature of the socks to drop over at an instant.
  • When you have injured or brooded and you can not stop the blood, make a sliced on the wound onion, the blood will stop flow if you change the onion bundles twice a day, the wound will burn quickly.
  • Onion helps to scarring, just scrub often rub onion, the effect will definitely be.
  • The onion is destroying the infection if it gets into the body after the injury. You will make an onion paste: boil the milk, put a thick white bread slice on a deep plate, pour the boiling milk on a white bread slurry to wet it, overfill the onion head, when it cools, squeeze all that you will get paste.
  • Disinfect the wound then put a dressing on top of this paste, be sure that you get 2.5 to 3 hours with this dressing, it will suffice to defeat the infection. Put on such bandages every 2-3 hours, until the infection goes away.
  • Onions we burn sunburns, bites of insects, we treat our hair with onion juice, and many cuisine are unthinkable without onions.


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