My first day of Intermittent Fasting 18:6

What was my first thoughts in the morning after first day of intermittent fasting?

Weeee….. i can drink coffe and eat my Milk waffle!!!

How do you feel now?

Well… it’s strange because, waffle was not so tasty as yesterday or before.

What are you thinking about now?

I don’ want to eat now more, but i have only 8 hours, so maybe i want something. But now i am full with my Milk waffle.

What you want so say for people about intermittent fasting?

Yesterday in the morning (on my eating windows) i was thinking. Ok, how can  it works…? And after my eating window i was thinking OMG  i want to eat so much, but i must do it!!! It was hard to sleep…
But in the morning i find -1,5 kg!

let’s continue this journey